Pipclideous Dominiscus "Pip, Gettitoff!"

Age: 16?

Status: Angry

Family: Owner? (Mab)

Unique traits: Gold scales, side head-fans

Species: Drake

Hobbies: Chasing, Biting, Grring, Napping

Hair Colour: -

Eye Colour: Obsidian

Often Seen: Chasing, Biting, Hating

Most known for: Sharpest Teeth in five counties

Favorite Food: Dan

Favorite Colour: Red


Pyroduck "Ducky, Pyro, How did you get here?!"

Age: Unknown

Status:Dating Alexsi


Species: Dragon

Hobbies: Writing, Observation, Traveling

Hair Colour: Dark Green

Eye Colour: Gold

Often Seen: Making 4th wall comments

Most known for: Being there at the right place at the right time.

Favorite Food: Pastas

Favorite Colour: Blues and Greens