Age: 9,288

Status: SAIA

Family: Adopted Kin (Abel, Pyroduck)

Species: Canine Succubus

Hobbies: Unknown

Hair Colour: Pink

Eye Colour: Gold

Often Seen: Overseeing the goings on of SAIA

Most known for: Being the headmaster of SAIA.

Favorite Food: Unknown

Favorite Colour: Pink



Age: 3

Status: Owner (Daniel Ti'Fiona)

Family: Unknown

Species: Warp-Aci

Hobbies: Eating, Lounging, Mooching

Hair Colour: Hair?

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Flying about

Most known for: Avoiding becomming a Pip-crunchie

Favorite Food: Hot Pockets

Favorite Colour: Brown


Fluffy D. Funni "Fluffster"

Age: 7

Status: With Amber

Family: None

Species: Dog (?)

Hobbies: Reading, Games, Baseball/Softball

Hair Colour: Er... Grey?

Eye Colour: Black

Often Seen: Beating sense into Amber

Most known for: Beating Amber in general

Favorite Food: Unknown

Favorite Colour: White