Aaryanna "Aary, Aary-kitty"

Age: 428

Status: A teacher at SAIA

Family: Unknown

Species: Feline Succubus

Hobbies: Romancing, Dream-hopping, Pancake cooking

Hair Colour: Lavender

Eye Colour: Red

Often Seen: Teaching, Reading Cubi Lore

Most known for: The sites not rated for this question.

Favorite Food: Passion or Pain

Favorite Colour: Black


Abel "Cookies and Cream"

Age: 399

Status: Single

Family: Unknown

Species: Feline incubus

Hobbies: Magic, Fashion, Reading

Hair Colour: Cream with brown highlights/black spots

Eye Colour: Green (right), Blue (left)

Often Seen: Causing trouble

Most known for: Instigating the library incident at SAIA

Favorite Food: Roast Duck/Confusion

Favorite Colour: Green


Alexsi Ti'Fiona "Lexsi, Lex"

Age: 27

Status: Dating Pyroduck

Family: Step-Mother (Destania), Father (Edward), Brother (Dan)

Species: Feline

Hobbies: Innkeeping, Brewing, Martial Arts, Writing

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Tending to the Inn... with her mallet

Most known for: Pain. Lots of mallet pain.

Favorite Food: Roast Chicken

Favorite Colour: Red

First Appearance: #1937: Not enough rep to unlock that.

Aliph Soulstealer "The Dark Pegasus, DP"

Age: 760

Status: Dead

Family: Sister (Kria), Niece (Lorenda), Second-Niece (Regina)

Species: Demon-Pegaus

Hobbies: Plotting, Reading, Experimenting

Hair Colour: Light Red

Eye Colour: Red

Often Seen: Brooding, Attempting a grand scheme of evil

Most known for: Being the creator of the Undead race

Favorite Food: Doesn't really eat these days, but enjoys tea

Favorite Colour: Dark Red


Amber M. Panyko "Amber, Amber Gee"

Age: 25

Status: Ebil (So evil it's misspelled!)

Family: None in the comic (save for mom cameos)

Species: Human

Hobbies: Drawing, Video Games, Ranting

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Often Seen: Being insane

Most known for: Making a moron of herself

Favorite Food: Buffalo Wings/Swedish Fish

Favorite Colour: Purple


Biggs san "Biggs"

Age: 22

Status: Ruling Twink Territories

Family: Sister (Wildy)

Species: Ferret

Hobbies: Romancing, Ruling, Fighting

Hair Colour: Pinkish-Red

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Surrounded by beautiful females

Most known for: Stealing random artifacts

Favorite Food: Pomegranates

Favorite Colour: Gold


Daniel Ti'Fiona "Dan, Danny"

Age: 25

Status: Retired(?) Adventurer

Family: Mother (Destania), Father (Edward), Sister (Alexsi)

Species: Feline

Hobbies: Adventuring, Swordfighting, Drinking, Dancing

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Green

Often Seen: Showing off or Goofing off

Most known for: Going off on escapades

Favorite Food: Grilled Salmon, Ale

Favorite Colour: Red


Devin Soulstealer "Dev, D'R"

Age: Deceased

Status: See Above

Family: None


Hobbies: Writing, Cooking, Taxidermy

Hair Colour: Blue

Eye Colour: Yellow (Glowing)

Often Seen: Maintaining Kria's manor

Most known for: Being the only Undead Kria's brother hasn't re-killed.

Favorite Food: None

Favorite Colour: Light Blue



Age: 9,288

Status: SAIA

Family: Adopted Kin (Abel, Pyroduck)

Species: Canine Succubus

Hobbies: Unknown

Hair Colour: Pink

Eye Colour: Gold

Often Seen: Overseeing the goings on of SAIA

Most known for: Being the headmaster of SAIA.

Favorite Food: Unknown

Favorite Colour: Pink



Age: 3

Status: Owner (Daniel Ti'Fiona)

Family: Unknown

Species: Warp-Aci

Hobbies: Eating, Lounging, Mooching

Hair Colour: Hair?

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Flying about

Most known for: Avoiding becomming a Pip-crunchie

Favorite Food: Hot Pockets

Favorite Colour: Brown


Fluffy D. Funni "Fluffster"

Age: 7

Status: With Amber

Family: None

Species: Dog (?)

Hobbies: Reading, Games, Baseball/Softball

Hair Colour: Er... Grey?

Eye Colour: Black

Often Seen: Beating sense into Amber

Most known for: Beating Amber in general

Favorite Food: Unknown

Favorite Colour: White


Jyrras Gianna "Jy, Jy-Jy, Jyro"

Age: 21

Status: Inventing

Family: Daughters(?) (Deebs/Macy), Mother (Moira), Father (Seth), 6 sisters

Species: Kangaroo-rat/Kangaroo

Hobbies: Building, Inventing, Panicking

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Building things, being suprised/startled/terrified

Most known for: SCIENCE!

Favorite Food: Peaches

Favorite Colour: Blue


Kria Soulstealer "Kree-Kree"

Age: 418

Status: Single ("Divorced")

Family: Daughter (Lorenda), Brother(Dark Pegasus), Second-Niece (Regina)

Species: Demon-Mare

Hobbies: Chaos, Destruction, Hiking

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Red

Often Seen: Most don't live long enough to report it

Most known for: Being a bane to society and street festivals

Favorite Food: *cough* Next question...

Favorite Colour: Red


Lorenda Soulstealer

Age: 24

Family: Mother (Kria), Uncle (Dark Pegasus), Second-Cousin (Regina)

Species: Cow/Demon-mare

Hobbes: Cooking, Drinking, Reading, Hiking

Hair Colour: Cotton-Candy Pink

Eye Colour: Violet

Often Seen: Eating, drinking, Working

Most known for:Being the sane one

Favorite Food: Hamburgers (... just don't think about that one.)

Favorite Colour: Pink


M.A.C.E. / Deathbringer "Macy / Deebs"

Age: 1 / 1

Status: Online / Active

Family: Father(?) (Jyrras)

Species: Robot / Bubble-Gum

Hobbies: Still Pending / Dolls

Hair Colour: - / -

Eye Colour: - / -

Often Seen: Lurking in Jyrras' lab

Most known for: See above

Favorite Food: - / -

Favorite Colour: FF66CC / Pink


Matilda Kissriss "Mattie, Three-Eyes"

Age: 216

Status: Single

Family: Mother, Sister, Brother

Species: Mythos

Hobbies: Collecting, Fire magic, Theater

Hair Colour: ?

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Tending to her store, going to plays

Most known for: Her collecting habits

Favorite Food: Wine

Favorite Colour: Green


Merlitz Meshaiko "Merl, Mer"

Age: 27

Status: Single

Family: None

Species: Tiger/Cheetah hybrid

Hobbies: Studying Magic, Keeping Peace, Flower Arranging

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Training, Practicing Magic, Working for Alexsi

Most known for: Casting Fireballs...at you name it.

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Colour: Blue


Miss Mab "Mab, Mabby"

Age: Unknown

Status: Blissful

Family: Pet? (Pip)

Species: Fae-Kitty

Hobbies: Hugging, Um...more hugging.

Hair Colour: Purple

Eye Colour: Turquoise

Often Seen: Hugging things, with Pip

Most known for: Her super fluffy tail

Favorite Food: Pixie Sticks

Favorite Colour: Secondary

First Appearance: #1937: Not enough rep to unlock that.

Pipclideous Dominiscus "Pip, Gettitoff!"

Age: 16?

Status: Angry

Family: Owner? (Mab)

Unique traits: Gold scales, side head-fans

Species: Drake

Hobbies: Chasing, Biting, Grring, Napping

Hair Colour: -

Eye Colour: Obsidian

Often Seen: Chasing, Biting, Hating

Most known for: Sharpest Teeth in five counties

Favorite Food: Dan

Favorite Colour: Red


Pyroduck "Ducky, Pyro, How did you get here?!"

Age: Unknown

Status:Dating Alexsi


Species: Dragon

Hobbies: Writing, Observation, Traveling

Hair Colour: Dark Green

Eye Colour: Gold

Often Seen: Making 4th wall comments

Most known for: Being there at the right place at the right time.

Favorite Food: Pastas

Favorite Colour: Blues and Greens


Regina Darkblood "Gina"

Age: 23

Status: Single

Family: Second Cousin (Lorenda), Second-Uncle (Dark Pegasus), Second-Aunt (Kria)

Species: Demon-Gazelle

Hobbies: Mayhem, Murder, Jewelry-making

Hair Colour: Light pink with black ends

Eye Colour: Purple

Often Seen: Working for Kria as a maid

Most known for: Nearly killing Wildy

Favorite Food: Meat

Favorite Colour: Pink


Wildy san

Age: 22

Status: Dangerous

Family: Brother (Biggs)

Species: Ferret

Hobbies: Dancing, Mayhem, Gaming, Fighting, Writing

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Playing games, Going on power trips, picking on Dan

Most known for: Going scarcastic to evil in 2 seconds flat.

Favorite Food: Steak and cheese sandwiches

Favorite Colour: Shiny