M.A.C.E. / Deathbringer "Macy / Deebs"

Age: 1 / 1

Status: Online / Active

Family: Father(?) (Jyrras)

Species: Robot / Bubble-Gum

Hobbies: Still Pending / Dolls

Hair Colour: - / -

Eye Colour: - / -

Often Seen: Lurking in Jyrras' lab

Most known for: See above

Favorite Food: - / -

Favorite Colour: FF66CC / Pink


Matilda Kissriss "Mattie, Three-Eyes"

Age: 216

Status: Single

Family: Mother, Sister, Brother

Species: Mythos

Hobbies: Collecting, Fire magic, Theater

Hair Colour: ?

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Tending to her store, going to plays

Most known for: Her collecting habits

Favorite Food: Wine

Favorite Colour: Green


Merlitz Meshaiko "Merl, Mer"

Age: 27

Status: Single

Family: None

Species: Tiger/Cheetah hybrid

Hobbies: Studying Magic, Keeping Peace, Flower Arranging

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Training, Practicing Magic, Working for Alexsi

Most known for: Casting Fireballs...at you name it.

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Colour: Blue


Miss Mab "Mab, Mabby"

Age: Unknown

Status: Blissful

Family: Pet? (Pip)

Species: Fae-Kitty

Hobbies: Hugging, Um...more hugging.

Hair Colour: Purple

Eye Colour: Turquoise

Often Seen: Hugging things, with Pip

Most known for: Her super fluffy tail

Favorite Food: Pixie Sticks

Favorite Colour: Secondary

First Appearance: #1937: Not enough rep to unlock that.