#1: The Story Begins...

So there's probably two types of folks who are reading this strip: The folks who are looking at the first page for the first time and the folks who are re-reading the archives.

To the first group I AM SO SORRY. This comic started in 1999 with me still in high school and not knowing what I was doing. I used to use the scanner in the art room of my school because I didn't have my own. The archive is pretty massive and this comic is in many ways my biggest learning experience as I bumbled and fumbled my way through learning how to do comics and making every mistake a webcomic person should not do. Most people say the comic tends to "get better" around page 50 or so...some may say later.

To the second group I AM SO SORRY. Because you are masochists and I love you for sticking through with me enough to not only read my comic but read it twice+.

I had considered once trying to revamp the older strips but truth be I find there is a sense of nostalgia. And I figure perhaps it may help inspire some comic individual that you don't need to necessarily start out of the gates making gold. Sometimes you gotta just start out of the gates.